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About MoveMaths


MoveMaths! Was created in 2012 by Alexandra Proctor as an innovative, exciting new concept for teaching maths to children. Alex herself never enjoyed or engaged with maths at school, always preferring the more creative, artistic and practical subjects. She found even the most basic number skills difficult, making her feel frustrated, and this gave birth to a genuine, long lasting fear of numbers. This meant that she found herself in the bottom set and being surrounded with disengaged and disruptive boys and eventually she failed maths GCSE despite strong grades in all her other subjects. When Alex began college at 18 to study performing arts she was highlighted as somebody that should be screened for dyslexia, and eventually was diagnosed with severe dyslexia manifesting itself in sequencing, memory and of course, numbers. This of course was a huge relief to her as at last she felt just as 'clever' as everyone else and there was a perfectly good explanation for her lack of aptitude in this area. She therefore decided to continue with her real passion and become a dancer. However, this meant that for over 8 years she told herself and others that she was unable to remember a phone number or work out the total of two objects when she went shopping- It had become a crippling and deeply shameful part of her daily life.

Due to her passion for both performing arts and working with children and education, Alex then decided to begin training as a secondary drama and dance teacher. After 10 years of being petrified of numbers, Alex then had to retake her maths GCSE. Alex, instead of finding a class or a tutor , brought various maths books and started from scratch . Alex told herself that it wasn’t maths at all, and that it was drama and dance and games, and here began her own unique way of getting her head around the numbers. Within just a few sessions, Alex had begun teaching herself the basics of maths and for the first time in her life, she actually quite enjoyed it! After achieving an A at GCSE she realised that she was just as capable as anyone else. She just had a different way of thinking. Now after 3 years of helping many children overcome thier fear of numbers, Alex has created a unique six week course called MoveMaths!

Alex is also a freelance specialist, offering drama and dance to schools, charities, the council and youth services as well as numerous theatre schools. For more information on Alex and what other services she can offer please visit

How it works


The course works on many levels- Firstly, it exercises the part of the brain which deals with sequencing. Dance is great for helping to strengthen the ability to remember sequences and think methodically. Secondly, it works directly with the number skills they may be lacking by giving them the opportunity to 'feel' numbers and kinaesthetically experience the basic maths functions. Next, it makes maths fun. This is the key to helping children to overcome the blocks that may have been built up through learning. Children will only learn when they have a healthy and positive attitude to what they are learning. Alex maintains that people that have serious difficulty with maths probably cannot 'think' numbers or see them differently to others. They therefore need to be given the opportunity to explore their own way of thinking.

This first course is specifically aimed at Key Stage 2 children and will run over 6 weeks as an hourly session within a group. This will work alongside what they are learning at school over a period of time. The course is designed to look solely at number, in line with the national curriculum. We will go back to the areas where they have found themselves 'lost' at school and spend the sessions consolidating what they are learning as well as having fun with new friends! If you would like information on MoveMaths! classes in your area please Click here ,or for up to date prices and upcoming classes please Contact Us

Would you like to run MoveMaths! classes at your school?

MoveMaths! is designed to run as an hourly session per week so is ideal for PPA time or as an after school club. If you are a teacher and would like a MoveMaths! course at your school then please Contact Us.

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